Seven Acres Nursery

Seven Acres Nursery

...watched a mother mouse relocate her babies after being accidentally flooded out…put a “not for sale” notice on a hanging basket while a family of robin chicks were raised…making an “off limits” area while a nest of bumble bees took up residence in a nest box (also now not for sale)…offering Emily and Emma sedatives due to the apparent horrific hazards of working in a frog friendly environment!…oh…and more weeding!
You may get the impression we work alongside nature here…it’s true…no toxic sprays, just hard work and lots of love and respect for other creatures that we share and enjoy the nursery with...

We also sell some rather nice plants…come and have a look.

Crown Imperial yellow
Allium 'Purple Sensation'
Strawberries 'Harvest'
Allium 'Christophii'

Posh Plants
Seven Acres Nursery
Common Road
East Tuddenham NR20 3NF

07703 347014

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