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Posh Plants Club

It is so easy… subscribe and every month I will personally select an individual houseplant in a stylish pot for you to enjoy. 
You will receive your plant, delivered to your door or workplace along with cultural and aftercare information. Hints and tips will be included with the plant and over time you will build up a collection that you can care for, learn to divide and increase.

Topiary, Interior and Blossom Tree hire for weddings and parties

Lush…dark green…foliage…elegant topiary…style…simplicity…back to nature…healthy…calm…cool…"Green is cool”.

Posh Plants offer all of the above. All these elements will enrich and enhance your wedding, party...making it a day to remember!


Garden design

Plants…design…natural architecture…art…science…

Throw all of these elements together, give a good shake and you could end up with a big mess!
Add to this equation myself along with my passion for plants and nature and too many years of experience to mention and I’ll give you a garden to be proud of…
try me!

Property dressing

Office dressing

Behind every great business person is a great plant!
Healthy plants create a healthy and productive environment, absorbing carbon dioxide and giving us oxygen to breathe.

Stress levels are reduced, productivity and output increases and harmful toxins are absorbed by these wonderful friendly plants!

The “cool" of green plants makes for a happier and healthier environment..


Online shop

I’m bringing as many garden, plant and nature related goodies together in one place as possible.

If you love it as much as I do…it’s here for you to click on and have delivered to your front door within a few days.

If you come across any new products, artists or funky suppliers that would enhance my online shop, please let me know. Always open to new ideas.



So, this is where it all started all those years ago in the corner of a field.

Year by year, with much help from my unpaid loved ones who will always be forever in my debt, we grew all sorts of crops…pulled up weeds…built polytunnels…laid paths…spread shingle…pulled up weeds…installed watering pipes…re-homed frogs to the pond…froze in the winter…burned in the summer…pulled up weeds…chased a burglar down the road at 5.00am…quality controlled many many strawberries, tough job, but someone has to do it…

Sue Huckle jewellery

 Silver Leaves

Another passion which ties in nicely with my plant life is silversmithing.

After a dabble at art school many years ago I’ve since rekindled my interest in this fascinating and creative art.

My work is fluid and organic, ranging from small rings to bold bangles and pendants worked in silver and gold. I’m presently designing a large sculptural interior piece made from copper and wood…watch this space!

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