Posh Plants Club

Posh Plants Club

"All my life I’ve lived alongside plants, so it’s no wonder I enjoy keeping the house full of interesting and unusual varieties. Interior plants bring a sense of wellbeing and calm and are a constant source of interest."
Now, Posh Plants are introducing the Posh Plants Club…
It is so easy… subscribe and every month I will personally select an individual houseplant in a stylish pot for you to enjoy. You will receive your plant, delivered to your door or workplace along with cultural and aftercare information. Hints and tips will be included with the plant and over time you will build up a collection that you can care for, learn to divide and increase.
Not only will you have beautiful houseplants to love and cherish, but you can make your home a greener and healthier and happier place to live!
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Its so easy!

Join Posh Plants Club and every month you will receive a top quality interior plant in an attractive ceramic pot, for a monthly payment of just £27.50. No contract - you can cancel at any time. Delivery free. Plants despatched on first Monday of the month.

Join the Club!

£27.50 per month pay as you go

£297.00 per year (saving 10%)